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How sweet it is

“I’m not sure what it is about islands and fudge shops, but it seems to be a marriage made in confectionary heaven,” says Mike McCourt, general manager of Murdick’s Fudge on Martha’s Vineyard.

Mr. McCourt knows a lot about the fudge/island relationship. He has been managing the three Martha’s Vineyard Murdick’s Fudge shops and the Edgartown Murdick’s cafe for two decades. And, as he relates, the island connection was actually initiated by the Murdick family when they established the first of their shops on Mackinac Island in Michigan. Sarah Murdick started selling her fudge on the tiny island in 1887, sparking something of a revolution. The postage stamp–size island is now home to no fewer than 13 fudge shops, including four Murdick’s, earning it the title of America’s Fudge Capital.

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